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Hilditch Auctions Hilditch Auctions

Meet the Team


  • Nick Tait MNAVA
    Nick Tait MNAVA
    Managing Director

    Nick Tait joined us in July as Managing Director to take Hilditch to its next level, driving growth in strategic industry partnerships and focusing on key growth areas in the UK and Europe. He has 10+ years’ Director level experience in Medical Supplies & Engineering services business, selling into Primary and Secondary care in the UK. He has also worked extensively with Medical Device manufacturers and brings a wealth of experience and industry contacts. Earlier career roles include a number of senior Commercial roles at GSK Consumer Health working in the UK, the Pan European territory and Russia. On the rare occasion when he isn’t working he enjoys an idyllic life at home in South Wales with family, the dog and a medicinal glass of claret.
  • Harvey Strutt MAAT
    Harvey Strutt MAAT
    Бухгалтер компании

    Харви является квалифицированным бухгалтером; он работал в нашей компании в качестве специалиста по оценке и проведению аукционов, после чего перешел в Отдел бухгалтерии, где он чувствует себя как дома, а опыт работы специалистом по оценке дает ему полное представление о работе аукционов!
  • Henry Hilditch MNAVA
    Henry Hilditch MNAVA
    Специалист по оценке и проведению аукционов

    Первой игрушкой Генри был молоток аукциониста - привыкать надо смолоду!
  • Marcus Holmes
    Marcus Holmes
    IT Projects Manager

    Marcus joins the team permanently after some 25 years in a consultancy role designing and building the Hilditch Group systems, so he’s no stranger to them! With a degree from Oxford, he has a background in marketing and design, subsequently managing a successful Apple dealership. Following that he set up up his own software business, designing and implementing systems for a wide variety of clients, including a worldwide system for medical giant Bristol Myers-Squibb, the official archives of iconic British sculptress Barbara Hepworth, and even an arboretum inventory for former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine! Marcus is now responsible for building on our existing success and implementing new systems to help increase efficiency for our vendors and give our buyers the best possible experience while browsing our website and buying equipment. When he isn’t hunched over a laptop musing over the intricacies of Structured Query Language you’ll find him anywhere there’s water or snow - his feet strapped to a board or skis and invariably scattering wildlife and onlookers in all directions!
  • Anna Partridge
    Anna Partridge
    Административный менеджер и личный ассистент директоров

    Анна - главный помощник Майка и Ники; она отвечает за все административные вопросы в компании, благополучие сотрудников, мониторинг соблюдения стандартов ISO, а также делает чай! И даже спустя 16 лет она заваривает его слишком слабым!
  • Jamie Howes
    Jamie Howes
    Transport & Logistics Administrator

    Having been our Senior Driver for many years, Jamie has taken over the reins of the Transport Department. He'll be putting his vast knowledge of our clients and their premises to excellent use.
  • Danny O'Brien
    Danny O'Brien
    Руководитель онлайн продаж

    Данни работает в тесном контакте с отделом медицинских инженеров, выбирает, проверяет и подготавливает оборудование для каталогов онлайн продаж. Он контролирует весь процесс продаж с военной точностью- он бывший военнослужащий!
  • Hugo Hilditch MNAVA
    Hugo Hilditch MNAVA
    Руководитель продаж в Великобритании и специалист по оценке

    Хьюго работает в отделе продаж и маркетинга. В годы учебы в университете Хьюго проводил каникулы, работая в аукционных залах - так что он знает, что к чему!
  • Alex Willis MNAVA
    Alex Willis MNAVA
    Trainee Auctioneer & Valuer

    Alex joins the ranks of the hard working Auctioneers and Valuers. He's a keen cyclist, however with so many sales he is going to be very busy and may not have the energy to cycle home!
  • Cliff Rouillon
    Cliff Rouillon
    UK Sales Executive, Northern Territory & Scotland

    A seasoned sales professional for many years in medical equipment and consumables, Cliff has worked for several key medical companies including: Baxter Healthcare , Gambro Hospal, Datascope, Mindray and Welch Allyn. Looking after clients in the North and Scotland, he is a valuable member of our sales team.
  • Nick Lockett
    Nick Lockett
    Sales Support

    Nick has come back to re-join the Sales Team as a valuable pair of hands to help with the ever increasing number of clients and sales. He has been involved in all areas of the business in previous years and can hit the ground running - or in his case, cycling...!
  • Olga Zachary
    Olga Zachary
    Руководитель продаж в Европе

    Ольга присоединилась к Отделу продаж в Европе, добавив в Хилдич несколько иностранных языков. Русский- ее родной язык, она свободно говорит по- немецки, знает португальский, польский и немного говорит по- испански и французски. Любительница путешествий, мама близнецов, Ольга присоединилась к нам, чтобы немного отдохнуть.
  • Julia Klepsch
    Julia Klepsch
    Business Developer, Germany

    Julia is a passionate sales professional and a feelgood ambassador who supports the German team with lots of motivation and great communication skills. She loves good food and travelling, and recharges her batteries with her love of nature.
  • Keeley Vernon
    Keeley Vernon
    Sales Administrator, Germany

    Keeley has returned after a sabbatical from Hilditch to assist Olga with the ever increasing business in the German Department. Keeley is fluent in German and was a previous English teacher; she is a very welcome pair of hands!
  • Laia del Alcazar
    Laia del Alcazar
    Лаия дел Алказар

    После двух лет в Англии Лаия решила вернуться в Испанию для работы в нашем офисе Хилдитч Иберия. Наша команда растет! Лаия любит путешествовать, особенно там, где тепло, и можно отведать тапас с бокалом хорошего вина, как в Испании!
  • Marta Navarro
    Marta Navarro
    Business Administrator, Spain

    Marta has previous experience in the medical sector and has joined us to help with the increasing business in Hilditch, Spain. She is passionate about traveling and learning new cultures, and has visited several countries around the world. We are sure that that Marta and Laia will make a great team!
  • Michelle Mustoe
    Michelle Mustoe
    Accounts Assistant

    Michelle has over 20 years experience in the finance industry and has joined us to bolster the ranks of the increasingly busy Accounts Dept. even further!
  • Ryan Strudwick
    Ryan Strudwick
    Saleroom Supervisor

    Ryan has been with us for over five years and in that time has been working extensively in the salerooms. He has amassed a huge knowledge of medical equipment and is now responsible for making sure everything is ready to be lotted into the relevant auctions on time. No mean feat...!
  • Ian Vizor
    Ian Vizor
    Sales Cataloguer

    Ian is a valuable part of the sales cataloguing team and has an extensive background of warehousing and stock control, which helps keep the vast amounts of equipment moving smoothly through from delivery to sale.
  • Prue Hilditch
    Prue Hilditch
    Online Sales Cataloguer

    Prue is the latest addition to the company, but being the youngest member of the Hilditch clan she has a wealth of knowledge. She is a keen photographer you can expect professional quality pictures of your medical equipment!
  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell
    Sales Cataloguer

    Andrew has joined us not only as part of the busy team of cataloguers, but also as part of our Transport team. He'll be in the unique position of both collecting the equipment and cataloguing it himself...!
  • James Smith
    James Smith
    Составитель онлайн каталогов

    Джеймс - наш самый долгослужащий сотрудник. Он работает в Хилдитч уже 20 лет, и помог бизнесу в различных аспектах: от аукционных залов до транспортной команды. Он работает в отделе онлайн продаж, и его знание медицинского оборудования просто неоценимо, хотя он иногда скучает по остановкам на автотрассах.
  • David Lankester
    David Lankester
    Sales Cataloguer

    Dave is our go-to man for nursing home and ambulance sales, being the main cataloguer for these. He is also our Secret Santa - literally! - he has been helping the Real Santa for many years as he obviously can't cover everywhere...right?!
  • Alex McConnell
    Alex McConnell
    Online Sales Administrator

    Alexandra joins us from Xograph and brings with her a wealth of experience from the well known radiography company. She will be a great asset to Europe's Largest Auctioneers of medical assets!
  • Rebecca Jobes
    Rebecca Jobes
    Front Office Controller

    Becci has returned with a new lease of life... she'll need it to cope with the increased sales and buyers!
  • Emily Chorley
    Emily Chorley
    Auction Sales Administrator

    Emily has joined us in our very busy front office and will be attending to all the day to day business, from collections to calls as well as being involved in the post-sales process! Emily has a wealth of experience in dealing with customers, her professionalism and positive can-do attitude is most welcomed, she is part of the furniture now and it feels like she’s been with us forever!
  • Madelaine Nicholls
    Madelaine Nicholls
    Auction Sales Administrator

    Maddy has joined the front office team and will be one of the first people you speak to when you contact us. She thrives on a challenge and likes to get stuck in. Maddy joins us with high class hospitality experience so you can be assured of a first class service from her..!
  • Lucy Keefe
    Lucy Keefe
    Marketing Manager

    Lucy has recently joined us as our new Marketing Manager and has a wealth of experience with campaign management, digital marketing and web development. She has a certificate in Graphic Design and has worked for some major worldwide brand names over the years. She has now decided to concentrate all her efforts into taking Hilditch to the next level and beyond…!
  • Simon Kemp
    Simon Kemp
    Packing & Export Team Leader

    Simon has returned to head our new Packing & Export Dept. which has been formed to facilitate commercial invoice requirements. As a football coach, he'll have to use this experience to manage all the balls he will need to juggle to help this department thrive..!


Наша команда крепких ребят поможет с профессиональным перемещением вашего оборудования.

  • Rob
  • Pete
  • Tom
  • Barry
  • David
  • Steve W
    Steve W
    Packing & Export
  • Lee
  • Gordon
  • Stephen N
    Stephen N
    Packing & Export


  • Roger Sanders PG-Dip
    Менеджер медицинского инженерно-технического отдела

    Роджер приехал к нам с Сейшельских островов! Он обладает огромным опытом работы с самым разнообразным оборудованием и зарегистрирован в Регистре клинических технических специалистов Великобритании (VRCT). Помимо того, что Роджер более 15 лет проработал в своей стране, он занимался организацией медицинских инженерно-технических департаментов и курсов обучения в Африке. Он обладает опытом управления физическими ресурсами, оценки потребностей и учета оборудования, проведения обслуживания и ремонтных работ. Кроме этого, Роджер является активным участником трастового фонда Amalthea.
  • Nazir Hamidi
    Старший медицинский инженер

    Назир - преданный своему делу сотрудник медицинского инженерно-технического департамента. Несмотря на свою немногословность, он прекрасно разбирается в том, что делает! Среди увлечений Назира - работа с электронными устройствами и оборудованием.
  • Reuben Clark
    Trainee Medical Engineer

    Reuben joins us as a graduate from Swansea University, having completed his degree in BEng Medical Engineering. He has a passion for engineering design and problem solving, and is fluent in German. We already have very high hopes for him...!
  • Kevin Towell
    Medical IT Engineer

    Kevin has been recruited to help the Engineers keep up with demand for their vital services for Data Wiping and all things IT. He has over 15 years' experience in the IT world and will be a great asset to the department.
  • Martin Worster
    Менеджер благотворительного проекта - треста Amalthea

    Мартин посвятил почти 25 лет сфере образования, как в Великобритании, так и в Африке, и провел шесть лет на должности директора представительства агентства Restless Development в Зимбабве. После нескольких лет работы в качестве попечителя, теперь он руководит деятельностью фонда Amalthea.
  • Rebecca Pike
    Medical Engineering Administrator

    Becki has recently joined us and how lucky are we to have her, previously spending over 22 years looking after engineers for a world renowned company. Living locally, she can now stroll to work and enjoy a much needed work/life balance. Her experience makes her a great asset for the department and we know Roger and the team are in good hands.