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By participating in Hilditch Group’s auctions you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.


What are the different types of auctions?


Live Auction – these auctions are conducted live from our Malmesbury Salerooms and you can either attend in person to bid, or leave a commission bid prior to the sale. You will need to contact us to leave a commission bid.

 Webcast Auction – similar to live auctions, these auctions are conducted live from our Malmesbury salerooms and you can either attend in person to bid, leave a commission bid prior to the sale, or bid in real-time online with a live audio and video feed of the auctioneer. You can bid online by visiting the Auction Sales pages.

 Timed Online Auction – all bidding takes place online and you can bid 24/7 until the auction finishes – just visit the Auction Sales pages.


How do I take part in the auctions?


You can bid online using the Hilditch ‘Bid Now’ App, or via the website. You can also attend the live auctions in person at our Salerooms, or take part via live webcast when available. If you’re attending the Salerooms to bid, you will need to register for each auction on the day at Reception.

 To bid online in timed online auctions, or to leave a commission bid for a live auction, you will need to register for an account with us – you can do this ‘here’. Once your account is authorised you will be able to bid online - if your account is not authorised please contact us to discuss this. For webcast bidding a separate registration may be needed, please see the sale for specific information.


How do I sell through Hilditch?


We offer vendors a specialist service tailored to their needs, maximising the value of their asset.

 We provide a global medical device remarketing service to our vendors serving the international medical market, and offer a complete service to the hotel and licensed trade for the valuation and disposal of all types of catering and hospitality equipment.

 We understand that each vendor sale can be unique and advise based on your own circumstances. For details of how we could help you sell your assets, please contact us.


How often are auctions held?


Auctions are held regularly and dates are advertised on our website ‘here’.

Medical – we currently hold one large monthly webcast auction the day prior to a large monthly live auction, which is followed by a major online auction the same week.  In addition, we have a number of specialist timed online auctions throughout the month. We generally hold around 30 auctions a month.

Catering – we currently hold one large monthly webcast auction and we may have timed online auctions from time to time.


Can I be notified of upcoming auctions?


Yes, just register your interest here and we will send you sale alerts.


Is there a cost to participate in the auction?


Live Auction Sales - VAT will be charged on the hammer price (if applicable) plus 17% buyer’s premium plus VAT (Commission Bidders will be charged 20% buyer’s premium plus VAT).

 Timed Online Auctions - As with a normal auction you will be charged VAT on the hammer (bidding) price if VAT is applicable (indicated by the VAT icon next to the Lot Name) and 20% buyer's premium plus VAT on this premium.


Can I leave a bid if I cannot attend the sale?


Yes, you can.

 Live Auctions - you can leave a commission bid prior to the sale starting through our website.

 Webcast Auctions – you can either leave a commission bid prior to the sale starting through the website, or bid live online via the webcast sale.

 Timed Online Auctions – all bidding takes place online.


How do I increase my bidding / credit limit?


All buyers have a £5000 / €5000 credit limit when first bidding with us. If you exceed this limit please contact us to raise the limit, a deposit may be requested. Please also contact us to discuss your credit limit if are planning on bidding on high value items prior to the sale.


How do I find out if my bids have been successful?


Live Auctions - if attending in person the Auctioneer will let you know if you are the successful bidder immediately by calling out your bidders number. If you leave a commission bid with us and you are successful with the bid you will be sent an invoice up to 24 hours after the auction.   

Webcast Auctions – if attending in person or bidding online the Auctioneer will let you know if you are the successful bidder immediately by calling out your bidder number. If you leave a commission bid with us and you are successful with the bid you will be sent an invoice up to 24 hours after the auction.

Timed Online Auctions – we will confirm your successful bid by sending you an invoice shortly following the sale.


Can I see what items sold for?


No, we don’t display the selling price for lots.


How do I pay for my goods?


Payment instructions are on each invoice, and all invoices need to be paid within 5 days of the sale. We accept bank transfer or card payment. Card payment taken over the phone is limited to £1000 / €1500.


How and when do I collect my goods?


The sale location is listed in the sale details. Some items are located offsite and need to be collected from there. You can either collect your items from the sale location in person or arrange for a transport company to collect the goods on your behalf.

Items must be collected within five working days of the sale, or as per sale terms - storage charges will apply after this date.

 Lots are usually unpacked, you may arrange to have the items packed yourself, or Hilditch can provide a list of packers / shippers who can do this professionally ‘here’. Hilditch can provide some minor packing options (wrap, box, pallet) however we are not professional packers and do not provide any insurance for goods we pack. If you send a transport company or courier to collect the items purchased please provide them with your buyer’s number, name, sale number and invoice number, and ask them to report to reception upon arrival.

 All items must be paid for in full prior to collection.


What if I can't collect in time?

Items which are not collected within five working days following the auction date will be subject to a Late Collection Fee.  We understand that sometimes it will be difficult to arrange collection within this time, and so we keep our charges low at just £10 per pallet, per week beyond this date for pre-agreed extensions. 

If an extension has not been agreed, we will impose an increased charge of £20 per pallet, per week to cover our additional warehouse and movement costs during this time.


How do I arrange shipping of my goods?


Hilditch do not recommend any shipping providers, and as such cannot be held responsible for shipping. However, we understand that it is often helpful to have a selection of contacts that our buyers can approach, and a reference contact list can be found here.


What if I have additional questions?


Please contact us if you have any additional questions.


Important information / key auction terms


Sold as seen – All items are sold without warranty or guarantee. They are sold as is, where is.

With next lot – The item is being sold with the next Lot as one item.

Option – There is more than one of the same item available, the winner of the first lot decides how many lots they would like for the winning bid amount.

Pass – The item has not sold, the auctioneer will move onto the next lot.

Commission bid - Bids placed prior to the auction are known as commission bids. These are one off bids of the highest amount you are prepared to offer and this information is passed to the Auctioneer at the time of the Auction. All commission bids are kept confidential and will only be used by the Auctioneer as required to secure a lot.

STC: Sold subject to confirmation -  Items sold under the reserve amount, needing confirmation from the vendor as to whether they would like to accept the offer made at time of sale, or if they would like to put in a counter offer. If offers are accepted by the vendor the lot is added to the buyers invoice and all sale terms and conditions apply.




For more information visit ‘how our sales work’ or contact us.