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Whilst we believe that competitive bidding through our specialist auctions offers an excellent return on most types of redundant equipment, we also offer a number of other methods of sale.
This is the Hilditch Group’s bespoke selling service to private and corporate clients. Over the years we have built an excellent relationship with senior buyers from hospitals all over the world. They may be reluctant to buy major pieces of equipment such as CT or MRI scanners from auction, but would prefer a negotiated price. The Dealing Room puts people in touch with people and smoothes the path to a successful transaction, including negotiating a price, arranging disconnection, removal and de-installation and even, if required, service agreements.
Some of our buyers want to be able to buy equipment when they want it, and with guarantees – The Hilditch Shop offers this service; ideal for as new equipment or manufacturer’s stock, the shop offers an easy way to acquire equipment. Most sales are backed by a warranty and we can even offer service agreements for UK and European sales.
Auction prices can vary – with our guaranteed price we underwrite the reserve price and will pay you the difference if it sells for less, but if it sells for more you benefit from the whole selling price. Ideal for matching trade-in prices and end of lease purchase, we guarantee you will never be out of pocket using us to sell your assets.
If required, we will buy your surplus equipment directly from you. We offer top prices, demonstrating current market value and are happy to sign any disclaimers your hospital may require. Patient data will be removed and certification of this service provided.